“I'm one week postpartum so this note is sleep deprived and not nearly as articulate as she deserves, but:
Jordan is unbelievable. From our first meet-and-greet with her, she took charge in the most professional and reassuring way. She came across as someone who has attended way more births than she has - not that she was cocky or bossy, just that she was calmly confident in a way that was profoundly reassuring and told me that when the going got tough she would shine.
And did she ever, holy mackerel. She insisted on two prenatal visits which were incredibly helpful, she took hours to go over exercises to help position the baby well and to talk through my hopes and concerns about labor. When the day arrived, she came over right away and was like an endless miracle. I couldn't eat - she made me switchel and gave me hearty broth. I couldn't think or make decisions - she helped my husband make choices and drive the train. At a certain point my memory checks out. I was in labor 48 hours. I just remember that again and again she was there, doing what I needed her to do without me knowing I needed her to do it. And telling me what to do, in exactly the way I needed. "I think we should try X position." I would say no Jordan I can't. And she would support me, encourage me, and push me in just the perfect way, and I then I was doing the thing she suggested, and it was good, whatever it was. She spent the entire night in a chair at my bedside, her head on a pillow on my bed, me in back labor, and with every contraction I'd bellow "PUSH" and she was there to push against my back. It was hours and hours of that, of her and I resting between contractions and then me bellowing PUSH. I didn't even know who or what was back there, it wasn't until much later that I realized, jesus christ that was Jordan that whole time.
The staff at Mercy also were amazed by her. Everyone commented on how professional she was and what a great job she did. One of my midwives, who is a very tough customer, said "She was a fantastic doula, and I'm never impressed by new doulas. She was great." From her, high praise indeed.”

“Jordan was our Doula at the home birth of our daughter. Jordan is an amazing doula. The presence of her at our birth was key. My husband and I both can attest to her ability, knowledge, professionalism, intuitive nature, and dependability. Leading up to the birth we would meet with Jordan and she would answer all of our questions. Her expansive knowledge was comforting. We couldn’t give her higher praise. During my birth I felt I was unable to fully speak or say what I needed. Jordan knew just that. Her intuition was like nothing I had ever experienced. I remember when I embraced her through deep painful contractions, she put cold/hot packs exactly where I needed them without having to speak. She would push and massage exactly where I needed it without having to speak. I held her hand and took cues from her through the pushes. She kept me focused and mentally strong. She helped guide me to a powerful place within myself I had never seen before. Her consistency was impressive. Having Jordan along for our pregnancy and birth was an honor. I highly recommend Jordan as a Doula for any birth experience. I hope the stars align when we have out next child and Jordan is there again.” 


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